Saturday, 23 March 2013

Nexplanon Diary 1

Hi everyone!

So in my previous post I said I was going to do a diary form post of my experience using Nexplanon (the contraceptive implant.) So at this point I have had it in for two weeks.
I went to the local family planning clinic to have mine put in, it was really quick and easy which did surprise me. You have a local to numb your arm, wait for this to take effect, then the implant is inserted by using a device ( I have to admit I didn't watch) you then have a pressure bandage put on which you need to keep on for 24 hours, and then apply plasters until the hole is healed. I didn't feel anything throughout the procedure, but throughout the night I did find it a bit uncomfortable, but I blame that on the bandage as it was really tight. The next couple of days my arm did bruise and did ache a bit but it was nothing major or unmanageable, pop a pain killer and it was all fine. 

Two weeks on, the bruising has gone, I can now sleep on my arm and it is healing well. I haven't noticed any differences in the way I have been feeling. I have been getting a couple more spots than usual but I have also been ill also, so it could be down to both of these. So we will have to see how things go, now it's getting in to my system hopefully I will have more to say in my next update!

Keep your eyes peeled! 

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